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Free, easy-to-use cloud-based digital learning portal (LMS) i


Pass on your know-how

Train your employees, partners, customers or students


I learn it every day

The fastest way to knowledge transfer

Digital Learning


cloud, free, simple and complete i

Finally, an online training tool that learners, instructors and administrators will love.

Available in minutes, free and without installation, multi-platforms (PC, MAC, Smartphone, Tablet,...), zero training, very advanced features in paid versions, start building your courses with the new LMS.

Adaptable and adaptive user interfaces


Very easy to use, we designed it for the pleasure of learning online.


Creating courses and following the progress of your learners is a real pleasure with integrated videoconferencing, course simulation, drag & drop.


Administering is simple but at the same time complete: real-time monitoring, dynamic dashboard, reusable elements, course models,...

Easily create and manage

Logical and easy to use


Our services

LMS Cloud Platform
  • LMS Cloud Platform

    Free online training tool for the creation of courses, distribution, monitoring of students, administration and report editing i

  • SPOT Box

    A fully functional stand-alone box delivered on a local network delivering your e-learning courses (including videos) without the need for an Internet connection

SPOT LMS area of application

Social knowledge

Record informal know-how and capitalize on team skills

Training & Education

Create your own courses, MOOC, SPOC, COOC and set up reverse classes

Knowledge transfer

Train your employees (current and new) in your internal processes

Methods of operation

Create dynamic and interactive user guides that reduce user support costs

SPOT LMS allows you to mix the modalities

What is an LMS?

Everything you always wanted to know about Learning Management Systems (but never dared to ask)

You've mastered the fax machine. The mobile phone has no secrets for you. The tablet has become your best friend. And you tamed the WEB. Yet there are concepts you don't understand, like this LMS-things people keep putting forward in business discussions and dinners. You know it's important, but what is it? We will quickly enlighten you.

LMS stands for Learning Management System.

  • Learning=Learn, because you use it to deliver courses or training programs.
  • Management=Management, because it helps you organize these courses (create, modify, assign to students, etc).
  • System=System, last but not least, it's just a word that translates as "software". An LMS is a computer program.

Just as Word helps you write documents and Gmail allows you to manage your emails, an LMS is software that allows you to create, manage and deliver e-Learning courses.

An LMS is the "engine" that powers eLearning, and in the most common form, it consists of two distinct parts :

  • A so-called server component that runs the basic functionality (course creation, management and delivery, user authentication, data processing and notifications, etc...)
  • A user interface inside your web browser (also used by Gmail or Facebook), which is used by learners, instructors and administrators.

In short, an LMS allows you to create e-learning content (courses), organize these courses, deliver the content (either internally to your company or to a wider Internet audience), enroll students in courses, and finally, monitor and evaluate their performance (attendance, grades, etc.). This, of course, is a quick description of the features that a modern LMS should offer. SPOT LMS does much more.



To accompany you

Turnkey functionalities to promote and simplify the transmission of knowledge.

Start working with SPOT LMS immediately

No need for prior contact, no hidden costs, no endless commercial discussions, ... Open your account and start working with your new LMS immediately. The integrated tutorials allow an immediate start thanks to an interface that is as simple as possible.

SPOT LMS is free for as long as you want. You always have the possibility to change your SPOT commercial offer to have more functions.

SPOT LMS in a few figures

Since the creation of SPOT LMS in March 2016 and until the beginning of 2021









Our raison d'être

Our clients

The satisfaction of our users

Who better than SPOT LMS users can talk about it?

  • Institut G4

    Institut G4

    After using another LMS tool (which I won't name here), I live again. Indeed, everything has become easier and faster to follow all my learners in e-learning. I find the use very simple and natural, I save a lot of time every day and I have a more complete reporting. We were able to quickly set up reverse classes within the G4 Institute thanks to shared courses. All this without worrying about the technical aspects of the platform, I became completely autonomous as an administrator of my students.

    Philippe MORA, e-learning Coordinator Institut G4

  • 1
  • A.N.A.E. formations

    The SPOT platform met our expectations. Easy to use platform at a reasonable cost, so we chose it when we launched our first online training. After several months of use, our trainees are totally autonomous on the platform, and if there is a problem the SPOT team is reactive to accompany us

    Hedwige de Maigret, Development Manager

  • 1
  • GoBabyGym

    We are developing a franchise network of sports halls for children (motor stimulation, babygym, sports initiation) under the Gobabygym brand. We have a complex training engineering and follow-up with several content areas (pedagogical training of sports leaders, commercial training of managers...). We found in SPOT LMS the tool that ideally meets our needs: flexibility of use, reactivity, distribution tools and an interesting service/price ratio, we were thus able to make available to our franchisees a hundred courses with video tutorials, organize video conferences and share all the documents of the operating manual in addition, the dashboard allows us to follow the training path of each one.
    Former teacher trainer, it is the tool I dreamed about fifteen years ago

    François GABEL


    We use SPOT LMS to complete our classroom training. It is a very interesting tool for a basic theoretical training in total autonomy for our trainees. The virtual classroom allows us to transmit knowledge to clients in different locations in France at the same time. It is the complementary tool of our training and very interactive.

    Erwan BILLET, Director


    We carry out e-training on the SPOT LMS site to accompany our consulting activities. This platform allows us to offer in-depth training on very specific subjects to our clients, but also to train internally for newcomers. The administrative management of this site allows us to focus on the content without wasting time on billing tasks, etc..

    Christelle BLAIN

Integrated e-learning authoring tool

No need to juggle with several tools, SPOT LMS allows the creation of courses directly in its interface.


Quizzes and controls to evaluate learners' progress from various situations such as single, multiple, true/false, combination of answers, matching elements, text with fields to complete,... with mathematical formulas, images, videos, code excerpts,..

SPOT LMS is free for as long as you want. You always have the possibility to change your SPOT commercial offer to have more functions.

SPOT LMS plans

Our prices

A solution for everyone

Although the free offer is suitable for the vast majority of our customers, we offer more comprehensive offers in terms of features and capabilities. No start-up costs, monthly subscription (terminable at any time) or annual subscription (cheaper in the long term), ... Custom offers available on contact.

  • FREE

  • 0€

  • 0€

  • 5 Users
  • 25 Courses
  • 1 Virtual classes / month
    1 Parallel virtual classes
  • 1 Applets automates tasks
  • Wide granularity of logs i

  • 179€

  • 29€

  • 25 Users
  • 100 Courses
  • 4 Virtual classes / month
    1 Parallel virtual classes
  • 4 Applets automates tasks
  • Medium Log Granularity i
  • Punctual user notification
  • Course Sharing
  • Course template management
  • Two-factor authentication (2FA)
  • PRO

  • 599€

  • 99€

  • 50 Users
  • 200 Courses
  • 10 Virtual classes / month
    1 Parallel virtual classes
  • 10 Applets automates tasks
  • Fine granularity of logs i
  • All the features of the previous offer
  • Restrict downloading of course content
  • Advanced questions for Quiz and Controls (Combination of answers type auto school, ...)
  • Print course content
  • Theme color customization
  • LaTeX, MathML and AsciiMath (scientific notation) support, snippets code, Mind Map
  • Course Shop
  • Simultaneous connections i
  • Clone a course
  • Export / Import (SCORM+SPOT LMS)
  • Make course non-reusable
  • Collective operations (multiple processing on users, courses, etc.)

  • 1299€

  • 199€

  • 150 Users
  • Unlimited Course
  • Unlimited virtual classes
    2 Parallel virtual classes
  • Applets without limit
  • Granularity Log system i
  • All the features of the previous offer
  • Personalized certificate
  • Gamification
  • Personalized & planned report
  • SPOT streaming server for dedicated, UHD, 360° videos
  • Synchronized video / PDF scrolling
  • White label and custom domain name
  • Real time on dashboard
  • Work to be done at home and returned as files
  • Work to be done at home and returned as webcam or screen capture video
  • Summary grid, progress table and working time table exportable as PDF, EXCEL, ...
  • File Manager i

  • 3999€

  • 459€

  • 1000 Users
  • Unlimited Course
  • Unlimited virtual classes
    4 Parallel virtual classes
  • Applets without limit
  • Granularity Log system i
  • All the features of the previous offer
  • Video recording studio i
  • Customizing the e-mail format and dashboard thumbnails
  • Management of profiles and associated rights
  • Synchronized scrolling of two dedicated videos
  • RESTful API
  • Access control by IP v4, IP v6 and by country
  • Success Counselor i
  • Password policy and security email
  • Customization of interface texts
E-Learning tool

Technical specifications


The SPOT LMS solution has been realized with the latest Web technologies, HTML5, WEB RTC, Responsive Design,... Listening to the needs of these users, it continues to evolve in order to be always more complete and easy to use.

Media playback

Video: HTML 5, MP4 (h.264/AAC), FLV (vp6/mp3), WebM (vp8/vorbis)
Audio: HTML 5, MP3

Player: Customized JW player

Mobile use

Internet browser: Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Safari, Opera (the latest versions of these browsers)

IOS, Android 4 and higher


Hosting located in Europe and North America (your choice), on dedicated OVH servers under Linux Ubuntu, CentOS, ... with daily backups.

Compatible services

Youtube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Wat TV, Slideshare, Prezi, Powtoon, Dropbox, Google Drive,...


Calling from Monday to Friday from 10H to 12H and from 15H to 18H (UTC+2, PARIS, FRANCE). We speak French, English and Spanish.



To accompany you

Cyrus HD, 21 rue Marc Donadille, Technopole de chateau Gombert, Les Baronnies, Bat E, 13013 Marseille, France
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Do you have a specific need or question? Leave us your details and we will contact you shortly.

Start working with SPOT LMS immediately

No prior contact, no cost, no commercials, ...

SPOT LMS is free for as long as you want. You always have the possibility to change your SPOT commercial offer to have more functions.